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Williamsport PA

Have camera, will travel

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Richard Karp

I have loved cameras and photography since my teens.   A gift book of great photographers from my sister Barrie opened a window which has never closed.   Many hours have been spent looking at photographs by the masters.   I shoot my experience, what I see.  I like “dancing with light”, revealing form and texture and spirit, expressing a feeling, showing beauty, telling a story,  capturing strategic moments.  I'm flattered and energized when people connect with what's been produced.

For events Iíve developed an eye and photojournalistic style of anticipation and rapid capture. I have a cadre of camera bodies and lenses, lights, modifiers and accoutrements to handle most any situation, A studio is available in downtown Williamsport with soft window light on one end and studio gear on the other.  

My training has been eclectic and ongoing.   I am active in the Susquehanna Valley Shutterbugs, and have shown photographs in group and individual shows around Williamsport at venues such as the Taber Museum, Woodlands Bank, Williamsport Frame Shop, Pajama Factory, Coffee and Tea Room, Eagle Rock Winery, Gallery 425, Gmeiner Art Center and Main Street.

I grew up in Williamsport, lived briefly in New York, adventured in the west and northwest, have degrees from Penn State (Speech Communication) and W.A.C.C. (Computer Science), and am retired from a computer career and involvement in the family business.   I’ve  lived on Bastress Mountain for the last 25+ years.